Coheiba - #29 Menthol 60mL

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Coheiba - Menthol 60ML

Coheiba - Menthol 60ML

Menthol Flavor:

This sweet minty e-liquid has a soft, creamy finish


The chemists at Vapor Solutions Labs create tasty blends of hot fresh flavors. First, for Coheiba Menthol in 60ml, they mix sweet mint flavors with cooling menthol. Menthol is more of a sensation than a flavor. It sends icy feelings into the sinuses and into the lungs. It is perfect for a hot day. Then, soft cream is blended to the icy e-liquid to round out the sharp body. This creaminess makes a better through hit. Finally, Coheiba Menthol supplies rich and bright mint and cream flavor.

Coheiba e-liquid is also available in Tobacco. Check it out here!

Additional Information:

  • Naturally Extracted from real tobacco leaves, using only the best leaves and the best part of the leaves
  • No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or additives
  • VG/PG ratio: 70/30

Interested in where your e-liquid comes from? Check out Coheiba's production company! They produce all their e-liquids in the USA in impeccable conditions.