WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Like many of the food products that you consume, e-liquid contains organic components like nicotine and VG that need to be stored properly in order to maintain their freshness. This guide explains what you need to know in order to properly store your vape juice and preserve its freshness and flavour for as long as possible.
Before we get into all that, let’s examine what happens when you don’t store your vape juice the way you should.

What Happens When E-Liquid Goes Bad?
When you fail to store your e-liquid in a proper fashion, the results are less than favourable. Once the nicotine or vegetable glycerin (VG) go bad, the e-liquid begins to taste and smell sour. For fruity vape juices, this is a particularly common occurrence. Fortunately, the process of degradation can be slowed down with proper storage techniques.

How To Properly Store E-Liquid
In order to prolong the life of your vape juice and preserve its flavour for as long as possible, there are three things that you want to prevent from coming in contact with your e-juice. These three things to avoid are:
• Heat
• Air
• Light
When vape juice is exposed to heat, air, or light, it decays faster than it needs to. This is why you should make a point to keep your e-liquid in a dark, cool place. While a cabinet or drawer that’s kept at room temperature will suffice, many vapers choose to keep their e-liquids in a refrigerator or freezer.
If you’re considering freezing your e-liquid to help preserve its freshness, you may be wondering whether or not it’ll actually freeze and need to be thawed before it can be used. As it turns out, e-liquid does not freeze. However, it does become thick as it increases in viscosity, which is why we recommend giving it some time to warm up before using it if you’re pulling it out of the freezer after it’s been stored for some time.

The Best Way To Store Vape Juice
The best way to store your e-juice is to place it in a freezer. This prevents air and light from coming into contact with the juice, which helps prevent oxidization. As a result, ingredients like the nicotine inside of it stay fresh longer. Storing it in a freezer also helps keep it cool, much more so than simply storing it in a fridge.
For e-liquid that you use often, like a bottle that’s already open, the fridge may very well be the most convenient place to store it as there’s no need to wait for it to warm up before using it. But for long-term storage, the best solution is to simply freeze it.

Best E-Liquid Storage Containers
When it comes to choosing what type of container to store your vape juice in, the ideal solution is to use a container made out of glass, such as a glass bottle. For short-term storage, plastic containers are more than adequate. Whenever possible, opt for a dark container rather than a clear/transparent one because it helps keep the light out.