Lemon Law - Raspberry Lemonade 30mL

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Lemon Law - Raspberry Lemonade 30mL

A collision of sweet, ripe raspberries muddled with bright citrus lemons and blended to perfection, Lemon Law Raspberry Lemonade.  Sweet and refreshing lovely lemonade, you won’t want to miss. Lemon Law is on a mission. Enjoy an array of delicious lemonade flavors only experienced through the fresh lemons of the beautiful countryside. 


Primary Flavors: Raspberries , Lemonade

Bottle Sizes: 30mL

Nicotine Strengths: 25mg,50mg

VG/PG: 60%VG / 40%PG

Lemon Law Collection consists of high-end e-liquids that are made with the best e-liquid on the planet and will take your vaping game to the next level by providing mouth-watering flavors that boast powerful, high-quality nicotine.